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Hoop voor geblesseerde Kevin De Bruyne, EK van Eden Hazard kan wel eens voorbij zijn: “Ik voelde iets”

Injured Kevin De Bruyne hopes European Championship over Eden Hazard…

Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard returned from the Battle of Seville. For Eden Hazard (hamstring), the tournament may be over, Kevin De Bruyne sprained his ankle. Tuesday should show if the ligaments are damaged.

The first victim was Kevin De Bruyne, after a daring tackle from behind from Sporting midfielder Joao Balenha. Kuwaiti Dinar At first he tried to continue playing, but then had to give up the fight. “Kevin flexed his ankle,” said national team coach Roberto Martinez. “He could no longer manage his foot and therefore asked to be replaced at the start of the second half. Now we have to wait 48 hours for the diagnosis to be made.”

The ankle must first be loose enough to measure damage to the ligaments. The verdict will be pronounced on Tuesday.

What about Hazard?

For whom Italy seems unattainable anyway, it’s Eden Hazard. The captain had to go to the side in the final leg of the match with a sore hamstring.

“I felt something, it’s definitely a muscle injury,” Hazard said. “I can’t say how serious it is, we have to wait and see if I reach the quarter-finals. We will see what the investigations reveal. But as a captain I will stay with the team anyway. I have an important role.”

Thibaut Courtois was a realist. “I don’t know how badly Aiden’s injury is. But if it’s a constriction, you should take into account ten days of inactivity. So I’m afraid his heroism will come to an end unless a miracle happens.”

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