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Eden Hazard worried: "I hurt myself, but she's waiting" |  European Football Championship 2020

Eden Hazard worried: “I hurt myself, but she’s waiting” | European Football Championship 2020

Eden Hazard had to leave the field in the 87th minute on Sunday. Number 10 said. “It hurt and felt something in my hamstring. I think there is a problem, but we’ll see tomorrow.”

“We will analyze the injury well,” Hazard said. “We’ll see if I should stay on the side or not. As a leader I will definitely stay with the group. I have an important role to play with the boys.”

Hazard played his best game yet in this European Championship and regularly gave the Devils some time in the second half to catch their breath. “It wasn’t really easy,” he admitted.

“After the break it was very difficult. We couldn’t play like we usually do, but we were able to stand up.”

“If we want to go a long way in the tournament, it has to be better. We want to win and show great football, but I’m also very happy tonight because we can continue in the tournament.”

Eden Hazard saw his brother Thorgan score the only goal of the match with a superb shot.

“In a match like this, you have to dare to take your chance,” he said of the goal. “I think the goalkeeper thought the ball would come out the other side.”

“It was a tough match,” admitted Thorgan Hazard. “In the first half, each team waited for a mistake from the other team. In the second half we controlled it.”

“We’ve suffered. But to get that far in the championship you have to be able to suffer, I think.”

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