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Insect in your ear: How big is the chance that it will happen to you

“Cockroaches do not like to swim”, Roy Klucker’s first reaction of EIS Knowledge Center insects to the story. The cockroach may have crawled at another time.

According to him, the crawling of such insects into humans is quite exceptional. “Many insects hide among the skateboards and are behind tree trunks. If such an animal crawls into a person it is a very accidental occurrence. People are at risk for most insects,” he explains.

But that does not mean we should never eat insects. “It’s natural for you to be bitten by aphids, beetles or mosquitoes while cycling.

That’s what GB Job Nivard says. “When an animal enters your mouth, you spit it out as a reaction. If it does, the insect ends up in your stomach and the stomach acid kills the animal quickly,” he told EditieNL. “A wasp is a different story: it stings a little.”

I take it with your pinky

In nearly thirty years as a general coach, Nivard has never experienced a bug crawling in the ear. “Someone who only once thought there was an ear fly, but when I saw it it wasn’t,” he says. “It’s strange to miss this GP cockroach in New Zealand, because it’s not a very small animal, and you can often see the ear canal very well.”

Still, a bug in your ear can not hurt much. “Unless it bites or bites.” He says that if an insect flies in your ear, it is best to pick it up with your little finger to expel the insect. “If it still does not come out, you can try it in water. But do not worry: your ear is built so that one can not easily go inside.”

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