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Inside with Soul |  Imagecasa

Inside with Soul | Imagecasa

Polish design studio Anke Design created a beautiful monochrome apartment in Krakow. Raw materials are combined with natural finishes and an earthy color palette. This is the perfect unassuming and unpretentious getaway, yet warm in character.

In addition to the choice of materials, the neutral color palette also contributes to the calm aesthetic.

Modest in color as well as decor and materials, only three materials predominate in the entire project, namely micro-concrete (on walls, ceilings and floors), a grooved panel of natural veneer and natural stone. “The natural finish that gently reflects incoming natural light creates a soothing space,” says Gawlik. The designer used natural plaster to visualize the multiple dimensions of the walls and ceilings, making the space more open and creating seamless transitions. The monochrome side of the house is also emphasized in this way. Furthermore, Gawlik of course mentions Polish linen as a tribute to local craftsmanship and a fine finishing element. In addition to the choice of materials, the neutral color palette also contributes to a calm, monochromatic aesthetic. The apartment is located in a densely built area of ​​Krakow. Both Gawlik and the owner wanted to create a completely different atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of downtown. This largely determined the choice of color. This also results in fine natural concrete and rounded sharp corners. It seems that “in this way we were able to create a calm and invigorating space.” The apartment is surrounded by a large balcony that they want to turn into a natural garden that you can enjoy from every room.

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Like all Anke Designs projects, this apartment is an expression of total harmony and simplicity. Would you like to learn more about Anke’s design? Read the full article at Imagicasa Fall 2021

All images provided by Anke Design Studio