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Instagram comment polls: here's what you can do with them

Instagram comment polls: here’s what you can do with them

Instagram is currently testing how to place polls in comments. For example, you can currently add a poll to a story, but not to a separate post. If you want to ask your followers something, you can now do so. At least, if the job comes up later, because that’s “coming soon” according to Meta-CEO.

Polls in the comments

A poll is a useful way to quickly get to know your followers. Who are your customers, and what do they want: You ask a question, come up with different answers and people can then click on an answer to give it. Whether it’s an ice cream shop that wants people to choose which new ice cream flavor to add to the lineup, or a contest where people can help decide which entry should be the winner.

Instagram is now testing adding polls in comments. Now a few Instagram users can test it. It has been tested internally for six months, but is now becoming more public. Hopefully it will be released soon, because you can do fun things with it. For example, consider posting four photos in a post and then asking people which photo they like best (as you can see in the example below).


However, you can also add tests this way, although you must provide the final answer in the response. Polls are very popular in Stories, for example, because they only require one click to participate. So it’s also a good idea to use this in regular posts. You can ask your followers for their opinion, to help you choose what outfit to wear that day, but also, for example, to help you choose the name to give to a new campaign at work. It could go in any direction.

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Although it is possible to add a poll in the comments, it does not seem obvious that everyone can add a poll in the comments of a post. Maybe only the people who made this post can do this. Otherwise it could become a kind of poll pileup. A poll is great because you can get to know your audience through it, but it also increases your engagement and that can be very useful for the Instagram algorithm, for example, so it may be considered more important.

It remains to be seen how all this works and what impact it has on your social media popularity, but if it happens soon, we’ll definitely give it a try.