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Installation of noise barriers along the E17 in Burcht next week (Zwijndrecht)

Installation of noise barriers along the E17 in Burcht next week (Zwijndrecht)

Burcht’s sound wall simulator.© Lantes


In the week of January 10, construction of noise barriers will begin in the course of the Oosterweel works along E17 in Burcht. The screens are finished with a height of 8.5 meters of wood.

Rebecca van Remortieri

An important condition for Oosterweel’s works in Zwijndrecht and Burcht was to significantly reduce noise pollution from the motorway. There will be noise baffles along the E17, E34 and R1. Lantis, Oosterweelbouwheer, builds a baffle in sites where there is not enough room for a berm.

At Burcht, those screens will be placed along E17 from next week. It will be built between the Zwijndrecht complex and the Antwerp-West junction. The screens are finished in wood and provide a green wall with plants on the side of the dwelling.

Works will begin in Pastoor Coplaan and will continue in the direction of Antwerp-West. They will run until fall 2022.

Glass noise barriers have already been installed on the side of the Zwijndrecht, so the barriers along the Burcht will be finished in wood.

Between the complexes of Kruibeke and Zwijndrecht, a green noise barrier will be built along the Burcht side. There is currently very little space for this. The process of purchasing the land is carried out through the municipality in order to free up the necessary space. According to current planning, construction of that berm will begin in 2023, but this is subject to ongoing procedure.

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