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Institutional investors make a conscious choice of sustainable agricultural land

Following the launch of the Kempen STG Farmland Fund, two leading Dutch insurers, Cooperative Dela and De Gautze, have now partnered with Stitching Benzionfonts PostNL to invest in making farmland more stable. A total of மில்லியன் 150 million has been made during this investment round. This means that the fund has grown to about 350 million since it was established exactly six months ago.

Kempen SDG Farm Fund invests in global agricultural land, which contributes to an attractive income and sustainable food production. Concrete and scalable criteria (KPIs) in climate, soil, biodiversity, water and resource utilization are designed for this purpose. Examples of crops include avocado, olive, almond in Australia, Portugal, New Zealand and the United States, and annual crops such as cereals, beans and crops in Denmark, USA and Australia. Institutional investors can contribute directly to the objectives of their sustainability through these funds.

Kempen expects the demand for these types of investments to increase further.

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