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The new era of cricket has arrived!

Big Ant Studios and Nakan are pleased to announce it Cricket 22: The official game of the Ashes Coming up next November.

This creates real next generation installment success Cricket 19 And offers the strongest, most substantial game cricket fans have ever seen.

In addition to the ever-popular Ashes competition, the number of licenses Cricket22 Greatly expanded. For example, cricket fans can enjoy the Australian Big Bash T20 tournament, the most innovative of the CBL’s tropical feast in the UK, and take it to the international battlefield with fully licensed teams from Australia, England and the West Indies. , New Zealand and Ireland.

In line with Ping Year’s commitment to balance and equal representation, men’s and women’s teams can play across Cricket22.

The next generation of cricket is coming

Thanks a bit for the fan feedback, Cricket22 Received the full set of updates, including:

  • Brand new bowling and fielding controls; Whether you throw fast bouncers or throw the ball with a satisfactory snap for an accurate run-out, Cricket 22 has a refined, tight feel control to deliver your best cricket performance.
  • An in-depth, story-based career pattern; You are in control not only on the field but also outside of it. You manage your training and press conferences, deal with your injuries, and follow your own path to international fame!
  • The most accessible cricket game; Still not familiar with cricket? Cricket22 With completely revised tutorials and a new experience, getting into the game is easier than ever. Cricket22 The big ant is the most comprehensive simulation of the game created, and thanks to these exercises you will be able to bat and bowl like a pro in no time.
  • New commentators; ‘S comment Cricket22 Taught by a star cast consisting of Michael Atherton, Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell and David Gower. Every action is discussed with more depth and analysis than ever before, and for the first time in a sport, there is an all-women commentary team, improving women’s representation Cricket22The experience becomes even stronger.
  • The most beautiful cricket game; Cricket22 Optimizes the potential of the latest generation hardware. The game not only loads very fast, but also activates you faster than ever before and offers many visual enhancements, including stunning real-time radiation detection components. Cricket22 The most realistic cricket game ever created.
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“The number of cricket fans asking us about our cricket plans for next-generation consoles is huge,” said Rose Simons, CEO of Big Ant. “We are incredibly excited about what we are doing Cricket22 Bring in the players. This is our fifth cricket simulation title and truly reflects the sum of everything we have learned (and still learned) over the last ten years. We have a lot of passionate fans and we can’t wait to get their hands on this. “

Russell James, ECP Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Big Ant again on this miracle. Cricket22-Sports. Cricket is a sport for everyone, and whether you accept the challenge of playing in the Ashes Test or pick the hundred best male and female cricketers in the world, Cricket22 Provides everything a cricket fan wants.

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley says Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley is proud to present the video game with Australian game developer Big & Studio to our avid fans. “The Ashes is one of the biggest events of the game and we can’t wait to watch cricket Cricket22 For a new audience. “

Output and initial access

Cricket 22 will appear 25 November 2021. Players who pre-order the game for Steam, PlayStation and Xbox will receive it In mid-October 2021 Cricket 22 provides early access to some Cricket 22 game experience for fans, including network access, nets and training games, so they will be ready to pick the best teams in the world on launch day.

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More good news: Fans who purchase the game through the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade for free when switching to the next generation of hardware.

Cricket22 Appears on the Nintendo Switch January 2022.