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Intel 80Gb/s images remember for the next generation Thunderbolt – Computer – News

A now-deleted image, taken at Intel’s validation lab in Israel, shows the company is working on 80Gbit/s connections for the next generation of Thunderbolt. This generation should work again with USB-C.

The image shows a poster describing 80 PHY technology, which indicates that Intel is working on a physical layer for 80 Gbit/s connections. That’s twice the bandwidth of the current Thunderbolt 4 generation. The photo was posted at the end of this week by Gregory BryantAnd Director general From the Intel Client Computing Group. He visited Intel’s research and development facility in Israel. The photo has since been removed, but AnandTech picked up the news Following information from Wikichips David Schor op.

The poster in the image describes that “USB 80G is intended to support the current USB-C ecosystem.” In addition, the technology is based on the PAM-3 modification. PAM stands for Pulse amplitude adjustment, which is a modulation technique for sending signals over cables.

PAM 2-level, or non-return-to-zero, uses 1 bit, or 0 and 1. PAM-4, used for 400 Gbit/s Ethernet, among other things, uses 2 bits, or four voltage levels, to be Capable of sending 00, 01, 11, and 10. PAM-3, apparently used by Intel in development for the next generation of Thunderbolt, uses turn -1, 0, and 1 in signaling, putting the bandwidth between PAM-2 and PAM-4 .

It is not known when the next generation of Thunderbolt should be ready. Intel Corporation Announced Thunderbolt 4 in the last year. Thunderbolt 3 port from the year 2015.