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US watchdog rejects Blue Origin’s protest against NASA’s contract with SpaceX – IT Pro – News

Yes, other companies should also be given opportunities. But this is a mission to the moon. Blue Origin doesn’t even have a rocket capable of orbiting the Earth. This is something SpaceX has been able to do since 2008, and it’s only since then that NASA decades have begun to roll. Also, don’t forget that Blue Origin is already More than half a billion in financing Received to develop their proposal. And then there’s Boeing that will also work on it … but they have seriously failed in recent years with their Starliner capsule, which has not yet made it to the International Space Station. This does not give much confidence…

Yes Elon Musk is a weird guy and yes Starship is totally overrated and it looks like it came straight out of a SciFi movie. But if you look at what SpaceX has already done. They just do it anyway. They definitely have the best track record, the Starship is being developed anyway (so it’s less sensitive to budget fluctuations) and they’ve been the cheapest while they have the biggest capacity. The choice was absolutely no-brainer.

For Bezos, it was actually quite simple: He should have bid cheaper than SpaceX. But Blue Origin and its partners’ offer was literally twice that of SpaceX. Yes, this is not competitive. Just like Musk himself, Bezos should have put a lot of money into it to make a strong showing. He finally did, but only a few days ago. Figs after Easter.

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I hope Blue Origin will vigorously continue to achieve its goals, but I really won’t feel sorry for the richest man on the planet. If he really wanted to go to the moon, he could only finance it himself. At the end of the day, that’s how Musk did it. He just started building a Moon/Mars rocket, long before NASA held…