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interactions.  Phyllis Matsuo sneezes at Bart Verheig: 'We're second in the Premier League,' Van Kromberg hit hard after another defeat to Al Ittihad

interactions. Phyllis Matsuo sneezes at Bart Verheig: ‘We’re second in the Premier League,’ Van Kromberg hit hard after another defeat to Al Ittihad

“Two hours before kick-off, we were still very disappointed when we heard that the club had won,” said Felice Matsu. “We have worked a lot mentally in the last few days anyway. Today we were nonetheless very effective, as we have been all season. As a second division team we have had an exceptional season. Thank you to the players, management and the fans.”

Al Ittihad eventually won all of its matches against Anderlecht. However, Matsu does not attach much importance to this. “Our victories against Anderlecht are not the most important, but it is the second place we achieved. Now we can go to the preliminary rounds of the Champions League and we are already sure of the Europa League groups, for a team like Al Ittihad.”

Now there is still an unnecessary match against Antwerp. “We definitely want to win that game next week. We want to finish the season well for our fans.”

Matsu ended with a little mockery of Bart Verheig, who stated earlier today that the federation also had the financial means thanks to parent club Brighton. “Today we finished second in the Premier League,” said Matsu in his well-known style.

Van der Heyden: “From now on, it’s fun”

“It was tough when we heard that Club Brugge won the championship. But we had to turn the switch quickly. We are happy with the season we played. Well, maybe we can get more from it, but from now on it will just be fun. I think everyone appreciates what we have accomplished. This season: the players, the fans, the club…”

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“Why did you succeed four times against Anderlecht but not once against Brugge? Sometimes things have to be lucky, and that was never the case against Club. We also played good games against them, but that is football. Congratulations to Brugge.”

Van Cromburg: “We make it difficult for ourselves”

“In four matches against Al Ittihad, we conceded 11 goals and scored only two. That says enough. If you fail to score in three out of four matches, you make it very difficult for yourself. What is it about? Concentration. The second goal comes easy. So. There was a team that took advantage of these loopholes it’s a confederation with players like Vanzer and Undav We start the match also with a 1-0 down so it’s impossible

“Am I satisfied with the preliminary rounds of the Conference League? If that is the highest level that can be achieved, then you have to be satisfied with it. Now we have an unnecessary match against Club Bruggen. We are obligated not only to the club, but also to the fans to at least finish that game with a performance good “.


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