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Interest in Cornet Hermans’ book by the visually impaired writer (12)

Corné Hermans suffers from Stargardt disease and has lost 80% of his sight. However, he has written a children’s book. Monday, June 21 at 2:00 PM, Alderman Yvonne Van Delft will be signing his book Back Hit Bot! In Naturalis Leiden. In the presence of the eighth group of primary school children De Vink, you will also wear simulated glasses and sign 10 copies. The fund stated that the proceeds of the book and the tour sponsored by Cornet’s colleagues will go to the Al Ain Fund.

Alderman Yvonne van Delft looks for a moment through Corné’s eyes through simulated glasses that mimic Stargardt’s eye disease. The signing session is a follow-up to Cornet’s book debut on April 28. Within a month, the hundred books were sold out! A lot of money has already been raised through the crowdfunding campaign. All proceeds go to research to stop Stargardt’s disease. Scientific research is promising for Korn! Professor Rob Cullen develops a molecular patch in which the cause, the genetic defect, and no chance of eye disease can be recorded. For €1,000, one patch can be tested for a specific genetic mutation. This helped a patient like Corné.

Student group sponsored tour 8

Alderman van Delft comes to Naturalis to sign books, draws attention to this terrible eye disease and thanked the children of Group 8 for their tremendous commitment to their classmate. The students staged a sponsored march together. They took part in a sponsored race wearing simulated goggles, to experience what it’s like to live with less vision. During the signing session at Naturalis Leiden, they hand over the check with the proceeds.

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More and more children are suffering from eye problems

One million Dutch people suffer from an eye problem. The Eye Fund is a very active organization with a big ambition: there is no longer anyone who is blind or visually impaired. One in five Dutch people will experience vision problems in their lifetime. Macular degeneration and cataracts are among the most common eye problems in adults. Stargardt is a form of macular degeneration that begins at a young age. More and more children are facing eye problems due to the increasing myopia in the Netherlands.

By: National Education Guide