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Save space on your Android phone?  How to delete unnecessary photos

Save space on your Android phone? How to delete unnecessary photos

Are you starting to reach your phone storage limits? Maybe it’s time to take a look at the photos and videos you took. For example, you can delete photos and videos stored in the Google Photos app from your device. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this manually. We explain how the automatic photo tool works.

“More storage and…more photos”

Phones with 64MP or even 108MP cameras are no exception these days; Images from these camera sensors can quickly gobble up your internal storage. In addition, high-end phones from various manufacturers are increasingly getting the option to shoot 8K videos. Sure, more detail in your photos and videos brings advantages, but it also comes with a number of disadvantages – including required storage. Even with 128GB storage starting to become the norm on Android phones, this is a problem in the long run.

If all your photos are stored in the Google Photos app, that actually provides the solution to the storage issue on your phone. Instead of saving photos locally, you can delete photos that are already in the cloud from your phone. So it’s saved – it’s always available – but you don’t have your phone’s storage limitations.

Note that you may have set the Photos app to save photos and videos in lower quality. While this is good if you still have the original, it can be harmful if the original is removed and you still need the original later. So save your important photos and videos somewhere else Before You perform the steps below.

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Free up space with Google Photos

The steps below will help you to delete the photos and videos on your phone that may be taking up a lot of space. Not all large photos and videos may be deleted. In most cases, folders containing such photos and videos are not selected for backup. You can optionally ‘enable’ this later, so you can also delete those photos and videos with the steps below.

  1. open the Google Photos صور-a program
  2. click click on the right on your profile icon
  3. Choose setting with text Dump X, XX GB
  4. Then click below Dump X, XX GB To delete photos and videos from your phone

Are you also experiencing storage limitations on your Android phone, or are you actually not bothered yet? What tools would you recommend to Androidworld readers to clean up their “Internal Storage”? Make sure to let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

If you are already looking for steps to free up space for Google Photos, these are not the steps to follow. Click this link to read all about tools to clean up Drive storage on your Google account.

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