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iOS 14.5

IOS 14.5 privacy rules are increasingly being opposed

Apple will not be popular with advertisers with changes to privacy rules in iOS 14.5. Why is the update controversial?

Apple Rollt from today IOS 14.5 update for all iPhone owners with iPhone 6 or later. The focus of this update is on privacy. Users will have more power over the data they share with app developers and advertisers. Apps will now have to ask if they can track their users for advertising purposes upon installation or the first time they open the app after an update.

iOS 14.5
Facebook is no longer allowed to store data without your permission.

This action is good for users but a nightmare for developers who rely on ad revenue. The digital advertising marketplace fears that the privacy rules for iOS 14.5 will create a battleground in the market. Several German technology, media and advertising companies have started antitrust measures against the iPhone maker due to the damage it has suffered. Which Writes the Financial Times. This includes Facebook and Alex Springer. The latter is the publisher of the major German newspaper Bild de Welt.

60% less return for advertisers

Why are privacy rules so harmful to app developers? Giving users the option to do not track will likely disable tracking of the total. This is not illogical. Today we are more aware of how companies are enriching our data. Without tracking, companies have less interesting data available for advertisers to bid on. This means a large portion of advertising revenue. A decrease of as much as 60%, say the attorneys who will represent the German companies.

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Facebook also claims that Apple is introducing new privacy rules to personally influence them. Tim Cook wants to make Apple a major player in the advertising market, but competition from Facebook and Google is very strong at the moment. Comprehensive advertising model About the app store should help narrow the gap? But can our data be trusted by Apple? Not according to Facebook.


The controversy surrounding Apple’s new privacy rules is nothing new. Mandatory since December 8th an Apple View “privacy stickers” In iOS 14. Be with it an Apple Application developers on their duties to be transparent about managing their data. With iOS 14.5, Apple goes much further.