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Review: Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins - Greed

Review: Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins – Greed

Hitman 3 Not too long Good reception And it’s no surprise, of course, that the developer and publisher is looking to make some extra income on such a game with DLC. This has now arrived in the form of a file Seven Deadly Sins. This downloadable content, in the shape of The Seven Deadly Sins, is sending you new goals from the present world Hitman 3 at. In the first episode, we return to Dubai to experience the deadly sin of greed.

The main course of the game consists of a new escalation contract, in which you have to set the necessary targets at the Dubai level to collect their greedy little coins. This allows you to purchase new items as you play making it easier to switch to the next target, although this is not an obligation. The tasks get more difficult and also force you to send your victims to the afterlife in a certain way. This gives you a new reason to explore Dubai again and you will undoubtedly come to places you have never seen before. DLC looks a bit easy, because it really comes close to contracts that players can create on their own, albeit with some additional options that aren’t usually available.

For the occasion, IO Interactive Agent 47 gave a shiny new look with a matching gold tone. A sort of golden filter was also placed on the game visually to radiate more deadly greed. We thought it was a nice detail, although many things aren’t quite clear.

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If you are looking for a reason to Hitman 3 Emerge, then Seven Deadly Sins Nice occasion. Although the price is quite steep, at around thirty euros for the amount of content you eventually get, you will be under the pans again with Customer 47 in the next period (the other six episodes will appear in the coming weeks).