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iPhone 12 with 5G? iPhone 13 really gets it

If you’re buying an iPhone because of 5G, it’s smart to wait for the iPhone 13 (Pro). There’s a good chance the device will support mmWave – and that makes mobile internet really fast. The iPhone 12 does not have this faster version of 5G.

iPhone 12: 5G is only slower

The new iPhone 12 (mini) and iPhone 12 (Pro) support 5G, but can only connect at lower frequencies: Sub-6 GHz. mmWave support – which enables incredibly fast download and upload speeds – is only for Americans iPhone 12 And the iPhone 12 Pro.

There is a good chance we can do it iPhone 13 Get a device with mmWave. According to Taiwan’s DigiTimes, more than fifty percent of the iPhone 13 models made by Apple will support mmWave. The website relies on sources within Apple’s supply chain.

Earlier, trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will bring iPhones with mmWave to more countries this year. Possible candidates are Canada, Japan, Australia and “some European countries”. We expect the Netherlands and Belgium to be among them.

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What is the benefit of iPhone 13 with mmWave 5G?

iPhone 12 models now only feature Sub-6 GHz 5G. This makes mobile internet browsing slower than using mmWave. However, the signals travel more, which makes this form of 5G particularly suitable for rural areas.

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With the addition of mmWave, the Internet really becomes noticeably faster. Frequencies are good for getting high speeds over short distances, so they are especially useful in urban areas. However, the frequencies requested for mmWave will not be auctioned in the Netherlands until 2022. In Belgium, this may be too late.

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Source: DigiTimes