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‘Is fresh fruit or goat cheese so clever on your face?’  Columns & Comment

‘Is fresh fruit or goat cheese so clever on your face?’ Columns & Comment

Fruit on the skin?

“I am not a big fan of this. Of course you may think that what you eat is also good for your skin. That too often happens. But the problem is, it stays on the skin a little bit and it doesn’t really penetrate the areas where something needs to be done. So these types of ‘edible boosters’ should be taken lightly and not put on the skin.

The products can reach even more from within the body. It only works well if the edible ingredients are processed into a beauty product so it can actually do its job. I will always say: these types of tricks often have a high content of ‘don’t try this at home’ and it creates a lot of confusion.

As for the pineapple fruit, it can lead to red, irritated skin due to the acid that stays in the skin – then you are actually sour … For example, using green tea bags or slices is much less dangerous. Cucumber around the eyes to reduce moisture and swelling. “


M.J. Debbie Noir, a cosmetologist at the Amsterdam Beauty Salon, always knows what to do in such cases, and when asked, she says: ‘Pineapple contains a variety of ingredients, including the alpha hydroxy acid bromelain, an antioxidant. It is an enzyme that has an exfoliating effect: it removes dead skin cells along the way. This enzyme is often used in skin care products and helps against acne, skin irritation, sun spots and it reduces skin production. So it is reasonable for a consumer to think that rubbing pineapple directly on the skin is the cheapest way.

But beware! This substance in pineapple is very aggressive on the skin and you often notice that a little juice forms on your lips when you eat pineapple. The bromine in skin care products is measured and prepared for use on the skin. So it is better to opt for pineapple juice or mild cream with bromine.

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Also, a fresh pineapple (or its juice) is not absorbed through the skin. So doing it yourself this way is not a good idea. Nevertheless, do you want to test this out and experience the results firsthand? When the skin begins to itch, it is good to know that the juice should be removed quickly with cold, running water and a washcloth.


“Peeling a pineapple and spreading it on the skin is not really a good idea, and it does not work well no matter how good the idea or how sexy it is in a movie. For most people, this has the opposite effect in this case, because the acid in this fruit can cause red spots and psoriasis and under no circumstances should you like it. So here’s the following: Eat That Pineapple! This is because it has an anti-inflammatory effect and is high in vitamin C. Or eating dried pineapple, which can be very tasty like a ‘dessert’ in between, I know from my own experience.

What else works and does not irritate the skin? There are cosmetologists who work with goat cheese or cottage cheese, and the healing herbs are spread on the face as a paste. When it comes straight out of the fridge it will be nice and cool, the herbs will bind well this way and get their work done in minutes.

Olive oil

Fortunately, there are still some edible ingredients that do no harm to the skin. Knead butter mask is good for dry skin and due to its mild nature it does not damage the skin. Another note? Rubbing them with fresh lemon juice for a while will reduce skin sores and age spots. But first check here if your skin tolerates this.

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With the right garden herbs you can create an anti-bacterial paste for the skin, perhaps by adding (dietary) olive oil. This oil is a mild method to cleanse the skin, nourish the skin with a few drops or apply as a hair mask.

Honey on the skin (New Zealand’s precious manuka type) is the best way to fight acne because of its antibacterial effect. Leave on for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. Jojoba oil works well, as well as coconut oil which keeps skin and hair smooth because this oil has a moisturizing effect. Leave on hair for an hour and then wash your locks with shampoo in the normal way.

White teeth

Want to eat oats for breakfast? Then you can let some of it cool (put it in the fridge the night before) and apply it as a mask on the skin because this ingredient has a soothing and cleansing effect on the skin and removes dead skin cells. You make a mask from one teaspoon of oatmeal, one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of yogurt. A good pick-me-up even if you have been in the sun for a while and are a little sunburned.

Finally, a good fruit tip: smokers and coffee stains and / or other discolorations on the teeth will slowly but surely disappear if you brush your teeth with strawberries. It has a bleaching effect, but you have to do it every day!


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