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Is it worth investing in a high-efficiency boiler?  Save up to 40 percent on energy bills |  living.

Is it worth investing in a high-efficiency boiler? Save up to 40 percent on energy bills | living.

liviusEnergy prices are reaching record levels. For those with an outdated heating system, a high-efficiency condensing boiler may provide some solace. You can save up to 40 percent on your energy bill. How much does this boiler cost? What premiums can you apply for? How long does it take to recover? Construction site Livios asked the heating installer Jill Van Hyek.

High efficiency boilers have become the norm in home construction or renovation in recent years. A person who does not have such a boiler, for example, still has an old combustion device, can save a lot on energy bills. Especially now that gas prices are at record levels, investing in a highly efficient condensing boiler is something worth considering.

How it works?

High-efficiency boilers – as the name implies – have a higher efficiency than old conventional gas boilers. To convert gas into heat, the raw materials must be burned. This process produces water vapor and combustion gases. When it is discharged through the exhaust pipe or chimney in old boilers, this does not happen with a high-efficiency boiler. The boiler uses heat in the flue gases, which disappear through the chimney. This heat recovery ensures less energy loss and thus the boiler achieves better efficiency.

When is a high-efficiency boiler interesting?

According to heating builder Giel Van Haecke, switching to a new boiler can be fun for everyone. “Certainly with the high gas prices we’re seeing now,” says Van Hyek. “The more you consume, the greater the difference in your energy bill.” According to Compound, based on the old installation, you can save up to 40 percent on your energy bill with a high-efficiency boiler. However, proper maintenance is essential. Read more tips on how to get the most out of your condensing boiler here.

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What is the cost?

How much this boiler costs depends on the type. “If you buy a Rolls-Royce boiler, you quickly pay 3 to 4,000 euros or more,” says Van Haecke. “Is this necessary? Not necessary. For a family of 4 people with normal consumption, you already have a good boiler for 1,400 euros excluding VAT. Of course, there are also installation costs. In addition, prices can fluctuate. This boiler is made in aluminum and copper, and the prices of those materials have risen sharply.”

Many installers these days charge a daily fee for these installation costs. A phenomenon that you see more and more due to the fluctuation of prices in the construction sector. “Every installation is different, of course. Are additional parts required? Or is it just a connection? You have to rely on an average of just under €1,000,” says van Heijke. “But you can recover that investment relatively quickly, especially with current energy prices. “

Read here what you should pay attention to when replacing the boiler.

Are there installments?

In Flanders, you qualify for a renewal premium for a gas condensing boiler installation if you install a high-efficiency boiler to heat your entire home. The premium is up to 30% of the approved bills. As a protected customer, you can get a premium of up to 1,800 euros from the network operator Fluvius. Depending on where you live, you may also be entitled to municipal benefits. If you live in Brussels, you can get a premium for installing a gas boiler of up to 1,200 euros. If you switch to natural gas heating in Wallonia, ORES offers you a bonus of up to €400 and a free connection to natural gas.

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Find out via the Premium Linker what premiums you are entitled to:

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