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Is ‘The Royal Treatment’ Not Enough? Check out these 3 movies on Netflix

The Dutch enjoyed the Netflix movie The Royal Treat last weekend. There is every reason to see which images Netflix recommends and which images are similar Royal treatment.

The film revolves around a New York hairdresser who cuts the handsome Prince Thomas and falls in love with him frantically.

Prince & I (2004)

Directs: Martha Coolidge | actors: Julia Styles, Luke Mapley, Ben Miller, Miranda Richardson

Baiji, a graduate of Indiana University, has a goal: to finish college soon and become a doctor. Eddie is studying at the same university, but the intensity is lower. He came to the United States to escape his tight control for a year. Fiji did not like Eddie at first. However, the spark jumps over time, but what Baiz does not know is that Eddie’s real name is Edward Voldemort Tangard and the Crown Prince of Denmark …

Falling in love (2019)

Directs: Roger Kumble | actors: Christina Million, Adam Demos, Jeffrey Boer-Chapman, Anna Julian

A San Francisco businesswoman leaves her urban career when she beats up an old New Zealand hotel and renovates it with a beautiful contractor.

Princess Switch (2018)

Directs: Mike Roll | actors: Swann Brown, Joe Cameron Brown, Mark Fleischmann, Adi Kyo

A week before Christmas, Princess Margaret of Montenegro moves with an ordinary woman from Chicago.

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