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These mothers arranged the new playground for themselves when the municipality rejected the old playground

They asked for contributions from financial and local companies. Through crowdfunding, donations and other activities, it was confirmed that the final amount of about eight thousand euros could be invested in the new playground equipment. With the new playground, the village won the Kern Mead Pit Zealand Cup this weekend, with a cash prize of one thousand five hundred euros.

Dream for the neighborhood

“To our great surprise, we were selected as Kern’s best project in Bit in Zeeland,” says mother Susan Cascoin. Kern Mead Pit is a national organization that challenges people to realize their dream of a neighborhood within a year. We won, but most importantly there is a safe place for the kids to play again. “The old equipment was removed last spring because it was unsafe for children to play with. They broke down and the children came home with towels in their hands. It had to be done differently,” Coscoin said.

Thanks to Suzanne Gascoigne, Jessica Geldof and Marianne van der Heijden, the mere playground is enriched with a playground equipment. In the wooden house children can swing, climb and slide. Not only children but also parents enjoy the new addition. “As it turned out to be a meeting place, it also helped us get to know the neighborhood better. You chat faster with the neighbors, which is so sweet,” Casco said.

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