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Is there hair in the butter among 'super' actors?  "I didn't expect this from you" |  Famous

Is there hair in the butter among ‘super’ actors? “I didn’t expect this from you” | Famous

FamousFor fifteen years they were together on the set of “Supernatural”, the longest-running fantasy series of all time. All the while, they shared joys and sorrows: they watched each other when they got married and taught their children to call their fellow TV show “uncle.” However, now, barely a year after the series’ finale, there seems to be something skewed between Jensen Ackles (43) and Jared Padalecki (38). “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this. I’m really devastated,” she said on Twitter.

They are known as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel to the United States in a Chevrolet Impala in search of paranormal activity. The boys were in their early twenties when they met on the set of “Supernatural”, where they spent the next 15 years together. We grew up together,” Jensen said in a previous interview. “We have had all the important moments in each other’s lives. This creates a bond that should not be underestimated. Jared is my best friend.”

Not only did they work together, but they also spent most of their free time together. Jared and Jensen witnessed each other’s wedding, bought a house in the same neighborhood in Texas, and taught their children to say “uncle” to their favorite co-worker. “Because we are like brothers in real life too,” the statement read.

When the cast announced the final season of “Supernatural” last year, nothing was wrong with the air. “We really loved playing Sam and Dean, but it was beautiful,” they explained in an Instagram video. “The story just ended.”

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Jared En Jensen in “Supernatural.” © Internet

big fight

Recent events, however, indicate that there has been a lot more “turning on” than just the show’s far-fetched events. Ackles has just announced a new TV show, which he will co-direct with his wife. The ‘Winchesters’ movie will be a spin-off of ‘Supernatural’, in the form of a prequel. “I’m so glad to finally tell you this,” he wrote on Twitter. There he immediately announced that he would also provide a voice for the show, as his trusted character Dean. Fans thought it cool, despite the fact that this was actually the third attempt at making a spin-off for the show. The two previous ones messed up greatly.

It was less fun for Jared Padalecki, who was completely unaware of Ackles’ plans. “Hey buddy. I’m so happy for you. I wish I had heard this some other way than on Twitter. I look forward to watching, but I’m sorry Sam Winchester had no say at all,” said the obviously disappointed actor.

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Perhaps there is an obstacle between friends who never once broke up after all? “Impossible,” it seemed to loyal fans. “Jared is just kidding. These guys are very close to something like this happening. It can’t be that Jared doesn’t know about this. He might be on the show and he wants to remain a surprise to fans.”

However, Jared turns out to be sad from all those comments. “No, it’s not a joke,” he immediately explained. “This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I’m broke.”

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His fans remained skeptical, but Padalecki’s reactions suggested that he was really clueless. He also criticized “Supernatural” co-producer Robbie Thompson, who wrote the screenplay for The Winchesters. Jared knows the man well and feels betrayed by him. “And you, brute?He wrote in a tweet that he later deleted. “Awesome. What a terrible thing you did. Bravo, you coward.”

It didn’t take long for an army of supporters to rally behind him and start sending mean messages to Jensen, his wife, and the rest of the team about ‘The Winchesters’. Then Jared backtracked a bit: “Hello world, thank you for all the love. But please don’t send hate messages or threats. I care deeply about all the people involved in this project, and I’d hate it if anything happened to them.”

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Jared En Jensen in the movie

Jared En Jensen in “Supernatural.” © Warner Bros.


What exactly happens between Jared and Jensen isn’t clear, but for now it looks like the hatchet is buried once again. “Jensen and I had a good conversation, as we often do, and we’re fine,” Jared said. “The show is still in its early stages. We have gone many roads together, but sometimes there are obstacles in the way. They won’t stop us. Once brothers, always brothers.”

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Jensen agreed: “I love you, Jared. I’ve forgotten how many times we used to see each other in real life, and I miss that too. I know you’re busy…just like me. But you’re still my brother. Everything back biscuits and eggs? Or do we find out there a reprimand to “busy” Jared, who had already signed a new contract with a rival television studio before the end of Supernatural. Padalecki is currently starring in the reboot of “Walker: Texas Ranger,” which was released by CBS Studios. Jensen resided in the Warner Bros. studio. He appeared in the satirical superhero series The Boys.

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