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Watch the first trailer for 'Dealer', Jeroen Perceval's directorial debut |  showbiz

Watch the first trailer for ‘Dealer’, Jeroen Perceval’s directorial debut | showbiz

MovieAfter a difficult registration period interrupted twice by Covid-19, “Dealer”, Jeroen Perceval’s debut, has now been successfully edited. You can watch the first trailer for the movie above.


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“Dealer” is about 14-year-old Johnny who seeks happiness and appreciation from famous actor Anthony against the backdrop of nightlife on the streets. In the lead role, we see newcomer Sverre Rous as Johnny alongside Ben Segers as Anthony and Ferrell Biteness as the mother. Bart Holders plays the trader Luca. In addition, some young talents are also part of the cast: Hana Macpherson (Yousra), Abilagil Ibrahim (Tasha), Ayman Setian (Youssef), Muzaffar Ibekci (Mario) and Elias Yaghmouri (Marwan). Dutch actor Poal Cairo, known for “Good Times, Bad Times” plays Romeo.

Jeroen Percival directs the film but also writes the script. Percival is best known as an actor from ‘Rundskop’, ‘Borgman’, ‘D’Ardennes’, ‘Tabula Rasa’ and ‘De Dag’. “Dealer” is his first feature film. Gerwin has also previously written the screenplay for Robin Bronte’s ‘D’Ardennes’ and made the internationally acclaimed short ‘August’. Jeroen’s penchant for rapping wouldn’t be missing in the movie either.

The film will be shown in Belgian cinemas on November 10.

dealer © SavageFilm

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