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ISIS kidnaps and executes a police officer in Iraq

ISIS kidnaps and executes a police officer in Iraq

Archive photo © Reuters

The Iraqi authorities announced the killing of a police officer, Wednesday, two weeks after he was kidnapped by jihadists from the Islamic State organization in the east of the country. On Tuesday evening, ISIS published pictures on “Telegram” in which the victim appeared beheaded after he was “kidnapped” in the Hamrin area.

GVsource: Belgian

A security source said that Colonel Yasser Al-Yarani was kidnapped in mid-December while he was chasing two friends of his in the Hamrin area. On Twitter, the army spokesman offered his condolences for the killing of the colonel. “We will prosecute the terrorists to achieve justice and avenge our martyrs,” he wrote.

One of the colonel’s hunters’ friends was found dead, according to the security source, and he was shot dead. The other was severely injured as a result of torture and died of his wounds.

And the security forces announced, in the past days, a major operation in the Hamrin Mountains, where the jihadists are still very active in Diyala province. According to the 2021 UN report, a total of about 10,000 ISIS fighters remain active in Iraq and Syria.

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