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Six more journalists arrested in Hong Kong, “Stand News” news channel shut down

In Hong Kong, the National Security Police arrested six people on Wednesday in connection with the news site stand news. Newspaper South China Morning Newspaper describe it stand news as a “popular outlet among Hong Kong opposition activists”. stand news It will be closed after arrests and searches.

Hong Kong police said in a statement that they had arrested “six senior employees or former senior executives of an online media company” on charges of “conspiracy to publish inflammatory publications”. Police were given a search warrant to seize “relevant press materials” under the National Security Act. stand news It announced via Facebook that it would be closing its doors.

Since 1 July 1997, the former British colony has joined China, and Hong Kong has become semi-autonomous as a Special Administrative Region. Last year, China imposed a strict national security law on Hong Kong. Beijing hopes this will put an end to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Hundreds of activists have been arrested under this security law, and it’s as mysterious as it is far-reaching.

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