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Isn't it finally over between André Hazes and...

Isn’t it finally over between André Hazes and…

After André Hazes (27) and Sarah van Soelen (25) unfollowed each other on social media at the end of October, the rumor mill started running at full speed: the two would never be together. Now it seems the split between singer and influencer is not at all final.

Source: telegraph

It looks like “Sarah” is in a chat conversation with a gossip account FBI reality To talk about the much discussed relationship. Instastories show pictures of a chat conversation in which Sarah is asked if she is still in contact with Andrei. She answers: “A little, but it means nothing, does it?” According to Sarah, there will be a “break”. “Nothing is over, but there is already a break for both of us. We have a lot to deal with and this requires a break.”

In the chat conversation, it is also about Monique, the ex-Andrei with whom he had a son. When asked if Sarah would ever be friends with her, she replied, “If I had to act normally with her for the sake of the baby, I sure would. But outside of that, no.”

NS FBI reality He had already spoken to Sarah Van Solen which was not entirely clear yet. Sarah’s management could not be reached for comment on Friday morning.


Sarah and Andre announced their relationship in April. The two were inseparable for six months and even bought a house together. Earlier this fall, news broke that the couple would not be together anymore.

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