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Israel ranked 5th in Bloomberg’s Govt recession rankings

Photo: Youtube WSJ

According to published Bloomberg List Israel 21C reports that Israel ranks fifth among the best and worst places to weather the corona epidemic.

A lightning-fast vaccine driver has taken Israel to the top of the world Govt regression ranking From Bloomberg. As a result, everyday life has become better, and during the corona virus era, Israel was one of the best countries to live with, along with New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. ”

Since Israel began vaccinating three months ago, it has vaccinated more of its population than any other country in the world, advancing nine steps to fifth place. The Recession rankings Uses the data to determine if the epidemic is most effectively addressed. Low social and economic degradation, mortality rates, testing, access to vaccines and freedom of movement play a role in the assessment.

Israel ranks first Recession rankings Since Bloomberg began to follow the chart in November.

The Netherlands ranks 29th on the list with 53 countries.

“But unlike many of the best places that are tightly controlled for access to expel the corona virus, Israel’s vaccine – driven normalization quickly eases borders,” Bloomberg noted.

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