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“The company had offers from the US and China in its pocket”

It is two years after that Vincent Company Chose an adventure in Anderlecht. His brother Franசois knew that the company had many other options, but chose the more difficult option.

“He had so many privileges and wanted to hear my opinion,” he explains Last message. “He could continue to play for Manchester City in another season. He could play football in the United States or China, but Anderlech also put forward a plan.”

Franசois made a different choice. “It’s very simple for me.” I’ll stay with City for another year, “I said immediately.” You are still one of the best, now why play a level less? “” Yes, but “I could guess what he was going to answer. (Laughs) My brother is the ‘yes, but’ the greatest expert in the world.

Let the company finally speak his heart out. “He wanted to play at the highest level for another season, but he was already looking forward to it. City were also ready for a job for him, but he saw the Underletch plan as the biggest challenge. I understand that.”

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