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Clits can’t hide the disappointing fact from Three’s recent show

Review: This is a popular competition that has engulfed the world.

A South Korean karaoke fight has been transformed into something like that Dancing with the stars.

Now, following in the footsteps everywhere from Morocco to Myanmar and the Netherlands to Norway, New Zealand finally has its own version Mystery singer (Sunday night from 7pm to Monday the third day from 7.30pm).

Twelve celebrities wore fancy dresses from head to toe, each giving their own personality to play with while setting the tone for each release. The job of the celebrity jury is to try to figure out who is under the mask – by their singing voice and the continual clues – before they are revealed, usually at the end of each show.

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All of this seems a fair amount of fun, and there is no doubt that trying to figure out who the three diggers are will create a lot of water-cooled and online discussions, but compared to the most beautiful folks. InAs for TV entertainment, it is likely to come old and fast.

Sure, ‘Half Songs’ are staged in detail and skillfully (complete with the pure gold of this generation of dancers) and participants may have a different tone to sing each time, but not much changes on the shelves – can we, really? “More about the contestants without destroying the show’s presence. I can not see how the audience will be attracted to the journey of” Mo “or” Monster “to the glory of the mystery song.

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Mask singer NZ: Good fashion, shame about appearance.


Mask singer NZ: Good fashion, shame about appearance.

Is that so? There do not seem to be any charities that take advantage of these anomalies (although some CEOs are there, there is no mood about them) and there is no real role for the audience. Instead, it is the “studio audience” that seems to have a good time on any given occasion, personally deciding the first winner, before a team of four decides who among the losers should expose and eliminate the contest. .

Strangely, or perhaps for a purpose, “fame” is the only criterion given to an end. Investigating based on the results of Sunday night’s opening – it certainly didn’t give a voice.

One of the hexagons was weaker than the other and entered the lower third, but was indescribably ‘saved’ by the rulers, who instead sent home an identifiable singer (until then, they had made a successful gamble together.) In The most controversial results make perfect sense.

Paradoxically, this seemed tactical, giving the referees a good look and their first easy win for the home crowd. But I think it destroyed every little hint of the show’s credibility as a song contest. That’s what all three want.

Make sure they are recruited once Statue of New Zealand The eighth owner, Clint Randall, runs the famous Lady 6 and occupies it as part of the group, but despite Sharin Casey’s best efforts, she was able to see Rice Dorby’s weird behavior and James Rock’s immense ambition. Seduce).

Clint Randall, former owner of NZ Idol, is the presenter of The Muscat Singer NZ.


Clint Randall, former owner of NZ Idol, is the presenter of The Muscat Singer NZ.

Darby is a talented character actor and a very funny kid. When he draws attention to a ‘live’ show in New Zealand, it’s a different habit for him to stare like a deer in the headlights or be on a completely different comedy channel. Here they both run in these first hours, wearing some compelling masks and refusing to believe it is the ‘national treasure’ Tūī The mask is not Judith Collins. Nevertheless, he made two comments that could be said very tonight.

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“Nothing is clear about this show, including that you are hosting it,” he told the somewhat shocked Randall. He noted earlier that some participants may be “ordinary people working in the middle of the park.” He may have spent most of the last decade in the United States, but this shows that Darby has clearly heard what is happening to others. NZ Idol Participants at the end of the show.

Reese Dorby's jokes may have been a mixed bag, but he made surprisingly insightful comments about The Muscat Singer NZ.


Reese Dorby’s jokes may have been a mixed bag, but he made surprisingly insightful comments about The Muscat Singer NZ.

Despite the questionable lifespan of this “quirks” form, From Mask singer from New Zealand He will eventually live and die for the quality of his celebrity – and I think the jury is definitely working on that.

Much of my guess is related to the previous ones Statues, Contestants and other musicians under the age of 20 may not have heard of it – some are sexy and ambitious, some hope we will never hear about it again.

Show fewer encounters and have more fun at mini shows for “expressions” as needed.

Mask singer from New Zealand The screens will be on three Sundays from 7pm to 7.30pm on Mondays. It is also available on demand Three now.