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It was at this point that Billie Eilish realized how famous she was: 'She was never afraid' |  showbiz

It was at this point that Billie Eilish realized how famous she was: ‘She was never afraid’ | showbiz

celebritiesBillie Eilish may only be twenty years old, but she is already world famous. It was not always easy for her, she says in an interview with V magazine. In it, she describes the terrifying nightmares, her aversion to life and the terrifying moment when she realized that she was really famous.

Becoming as famous as Billie Eilish at such a young age cannot be easy. The American singer also admitted it in a new interview with V magazine. She looks back at a moment when she was 16 and after three months of touring, she went ice skating with a friend. “It was a nightmare,” Bailey admits. “It terrified me, because all of a sudden I was just a prop. It was a huge shove. I had never been afraid before. During those three months I was getting bigger and bigger, but I didn’t realize it until I was in this situation. From that day on, I didn’t go anywhere I did nothing more. I was so shocked by what happened and how helpless I felt then. And I had no security because I didn’t have the money for it. I was so famous that I needed security, but I also wasn’t so famous that I had the money necessary to pay for it.”


In the song “NDA” she sings: “I can hardly get out, I think I hate it here. Maybe I should think of a new career somewhere on Kauai where I can disappear.” Whether or not she really hates being famous, V magazine wants to know. “It’s really 50/50,” the singer says. “There are so many things I would never have done if I didn’t have what I have now. And there are so many things I could never do again. That’s scary: that’s the word ‘never.'”

Through therapy and meditation she was able to leave a fairly dark period in her life – having horrific nightmares, for example. “It helped me during a very dark situation I was in. I was miserable in bed, in the middle of the night, on a tour bus. I didn’t want to do what I was doing anymore. It was a dark period in which I was – unfortunately – an aversion to life. I feel bad About it because I had no reason to hold a grudge. I did things that were fun. I had no fun doing them.”

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