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Ozzy Osbourne returns to the UK after 20 years: 'Taxes are too high in the US' |  showbiz

Ozzy Osbourne returns to the UK after 20 years: ‘Taxes are too high in the US’ | showbiz

“We are leaving Los Angeles.” Those are the words of Black Sabbath boss Ozzy Osbourne, who is returning to the UK with his wife, Sharon. “It makes us sad, but taxes are already going up. I’m sorry, because I really enjoyed my life there. If they do something about taxes, I might come back. I don’t know,” continues the musician. “I am taking my recording studio with me. I will build a shed there and set up my studio in it. So I will continue to make music. My bond can happen.” According to The Mirror, the US has 28% tax to pay, plus 13% in California.

We hope Ozzy Osbourne gets some rest in the UK. The elderly rocker has been struggling with health issues for a while. For example, it became known that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease and underwent surgery several times after an unfortunate fall in 2019. This also took a psychological toll, the musician admitted. “I’ve been in therapy for the past three years,” he said. “When you were a kid in England you couldn’t go to a therapist because they thought you were crazy. But it’s okay. You are not stupid if you go to a therapist, but you are stupid if you don’t go when you need to.”

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