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Italian Robinson Crusoe who has been lonely on the island for years …

Italian Robinson Crusoe who has been lonely on the island for years …

Mauro Morandi, the 81-year-old known as Robinson Crusoe’s Italian, was forced to leave his island of Podili after more than thirty years. Last week you could see how Arnott Hoppen visited him there.

For more than thirty years, Mora Morandi has lived on the island of Budelli, which is less than two square kilometers and is located off the coast of Sardinia. The 81-year-old has been living there alone since he landed there in 1989 when his raft collapsed. Morandi then decided that the island’s manager would retire, so he sold his sailboat and became a new doorman.

Morandi lives in a former WWII bomb shelter. He knows every corner of the island, as he appeared on the show last week Directly across the Mediterranean Sea From Arnout Hauben. When she found him in his hut, she spoke to him: Hello sir, You might be the last Robinson Crusoe in the MediterraneanHauben wrote about this on social media. Mauro answered firmly: Robinson dreamed of being back in society, not me.

But Morandi has now decided to leave the island at the end of this month. La Maddalena National Park owners have owned the island since 2016, and Morandi has been there since then Unwanted person. They want to turn the island into a center for environmental studies and have asked him several times to leave the island. He also said he had already received threats.

“The fighting has started,” said Morandi. Watchman. “I am so sad that I have to leave here after 32 years.” From Modena, the Italian moves to an apartment in La Madalena. “I’ll just go out shopping and for the rest I’m basically alone. My life won’t change much.”

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