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Jacques Vermeire (69) en dochter Julie (22) gaan samen op pad in nieuw programma ‘Hit the road Jacques’

Jack Vermeer (69) and his daughter Julie (22) go to …

Julie Vermeer (22) happily shares Father Jack (69) in her Tiktok movies. The duo will soon hit the road together on the new TV show Hit the way to Jack. It will be a wild journey through the places that made up and painted the comedian. A tribute, because Jacques Vermeer will celebrate his 70th birthday in May.

Play4 released its first trailer on Thursday evening Hit the way to Jack, Which will be shown beginning Thursday May 13th. In the program, Jack Vermeer and his daughter go on a road trip. After all, Vermeer has seen all of Flanders and all Flanders in his rich career as an artist, singer, actor, comedian and presenter. He has already visited thousands of places. They will now visit a number of these ancient sites together. After all, her daughter Julie is only 22 years old, so there are many things she still wants to learn about her father’s life and work.

Dribbling and laughing

During the flight, Julie sits behind the wheel and Jack is allowed to settle in the passenger seat. Although he doesn’t always seem comfortable about it, when Jolie almost hits the embroidery on the sidewalk with a Jaguar. They drive into the auditorium where Jack discovers his love for performance. But also to school, where Julie discovers a common truth. “You had to repeat your fifth year? But me too.” Father Jack answers as he often does, with a joke and laughing: “So steam Father, like that steam the daughter.”

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The duo also visit people Father Vermeer has worked with together in the distant and less distant past, such as Walter Grooters and Karl Heibrichs.

Julie Vermeire has actually appeared in 2019 Dancing With The Stars In Play4 – which she won – but this is the first show in which she gets a supporting role. Later, she will also appear in the fictional reality show Rescuers, About rescuers on the Belgian coast.