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Jacob Gasly does not know where to go: "Obviously there was nowhere"

Jacob Gasly does not know where to go: “Obviously there was nowhere”

Right in the first turn of the first lap, Pierre Gasly and Fernando Alonso already reached the mark. Gasly hit the Spaniard and was already blamed by the hosts. He got a five-second penalty but thinks he’s cornered, however he’s not angry with the hosts.

After the race, the French AlphaTauri driver appeared in front of the international press. Speaking to RaceFans, he said, “There was a focal point. I haven’t seen the footage yet. It was cramped for me, Sergio was inside and Fernando was outside. So obviously there was very little space.”

Immediately after the touch, he shouted over the radio that he was trapped. After the race, he still stands behind it: “Honestly, I don’t know where to go. It’s a tough decision. It’s the first turn and of course there’s a great chance something is going to start.” However, it wasn’t a bad race for Gasly, he finished sixth and again earned some big points.

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