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James Cameron reveals the story of Avatar 2 and other films

James Cameron reveals the story of Avatar 2 and other films

At least four sequels to the mother of blockbuster films are in the works symbol picture. Director James Cameron He’s been working on it for years and it’s supposed to be at the end of next year Avatar 2 It will already appear in cinemas around the world. After years of waiting, we finally got real details about his plans.

Avatar 2: 14 years after the first movie
The first part takes place about 14 years after the original release. Former Human Soldier Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Na’vi warrior Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) settled down to start a family, and much of the movie revolved around their young children.

“In the end, the supplemental parts are a story about the family, and how far parents will go to keep the family together and safe,” Refers to producer John Landau. “I always say Jim’s films have universal themes. And in truth, there is no theme more universal than family.”

No rainforest, but water
Both Avatar 2 as 3 .’s Avatar Located largely in and around the ocean, it introduces a new Na’vi clan, the reef-inhabiting Metkayina. “Bora Bora on steroids,” It is a Landau description of tropical beaches and coasts.

“I do the ocean thing when I’m not making movies,” Cameron, who has already made several documentaries about the deep sea world, confirmed. “So if I can combine my two greatest loves – one being ocean exploration and the other making feature films – why shouldn’t I do it?”

Avatar 2: 16 December Shown
Avatar 2 It is scheduled to take place on December 16, 2022, in approximately one year. Below is a new artistic concept of what is believed to be the Neytiri and Jake Sully family, who named their children Neteyam, Lo’ak and Tuktirey.

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