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Nils Destadsbadr is outspoken about his future on Freek Braeckman's new podcast: 'I don't go to VRT to earn less' |  Frank stays asleep

Nils Destadsbadr is outspoken about his future on Freek Braeckman’s new podcast: ‘I don’t go to VRT to earn less’ | Frank stays asleep

When Frick arrived at Niels’ house, he was somewhat surprised, because one of the most famous singers in Flanders lived above an electrical shop. “You might think nobody lives here,” Frick laughs. The Sportpaleis concerts are now over, so Niels can get ready for his year-end roster on Radio 2 he’s coming up soon. When he’s home and has the time, he sometimes takes care of cooking too “with the help of my mom and Jeroen Mewes,” he laughs. In his house there is a large table to show off and it has its uses. “I don’t get here often, but when I do, friends often come over.”

Nobody can doubt that Nils is doing well. The singer announced his switch from VTM to VRT a few months ago. “VRT goes for more entertainment and I totally agree with that. Of course, the money factor is always partially there, but it’s not decisive. Although I certainly wouldn’t go to the other side to earn less. Sometimes I wonder if everything could get bigger and I report I’m only 33. I dream about Holland and I almost succeeded. After Lokerse Feesten two years ago, I spoke with Marco Borsato and we had the idea to perform together in Flanders and Holland. We were also in the process of releasing a single, but then Marco went into a difficult period … He Those plans fizzled out, but I really hope we can do that.”

Listen to the full podcast below.