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Jan Ceulemans mengt zich in debat rond Philippe Clement

Jan Seulmans joins discussion on Philippe Clement | Football 24

Saturday 27 November 2021 – 10:00

Jan Seulemans is an experienced hand in the world of football. As a former Brugge coach, he has shed light on the controversy surrounding Philippe Clement. He did it with Amy Thénnis. Another icon of Belgian football.

in a Importance of Limburg Gentlemen agree: Clement erred against Leipzig. They also believe – just like Clement by the way – that not all players are up to their level at the club. Fiennes: “You haven’t watched Vanaken. If you want to shell Club Brugge, you have to keep Vanaken out of the game.”

Seulmans also thinks Kleiman is being treated very hard: “He’s already done excellently for four years. Waasland-Beveren, tops three titles with Genk and Club Brugge. And important: always with good football. Now it’s a little less, that’s It happens.” Finally, Anthony Kleiman gives some good advice: “He has to formulate a former. He has to go to Genk with his routine. Michelle has to get in too. Security and stability. That’s what matters now.”

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Ceulemans vindt ook dat Clement te hard wordt aangepakt: "Hij heeft al vier jaar uitstekend gepresteerd. Top bij Waasland-Beveren, drie titels met Genk en Club Brugge. En belangrijk: altijd met goed voetbal. Nu is het eens wat minder, dat gebeurt.” Anthuenis geeft Clement tot slot nog goede raad: "Hij moet Vormer opstellen. Hij moet naar Genk gaan met zijn routiniers. Mechele moet er ook in. Zekerheid, stabiliteit. Daar gaat het nu om.”


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