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JBL Bar 300: Compact speakers with big sound

JBL Bar 300: Compact speakers with big sound

To get good sound, you don't necessarily need huge speakers. The JBL 300 is a good example of this. The sleek chassis is just 82cm long and houses six high-quality audio drivers. They make movies, series and games look so much better. What's more, you can now hear people on your TV screen loud and clear. Moreover, this versatile device is also suitable for listening to music!

Partner contribution – in collaboration with JBL

JBL mainly develops large speakers, but the American brand proves with the Bar 300 that they can also be made in a smaller size. This elongated soundbar blends well with almost any TV. Connect the audio system to your TV tube via HDMI or optical input and enjoy crystal clear TV sound. Compared to the typically small built-in speakers in smart TVs, you'll experience a big difference.

Automatic chamber calibration

The way a speaker sounds depends largely on its placement in the room. For example, do you place the Bar 300 on a TV cabinet or mount it on the wall using the included bracket? Moreover, all kinds of acoustic elements in the room play a decisive role. Consider, among other things, wall coverings, ceiling height and the presence of furniture. This speaker selects the best sound for each room on its own initiative.

Once you press the Calibr button on the remote control, you will perform the Auto Sound Calibration function. The acoustic system analyzes the room's acoustics using microphones. Based on this information, the Bar 300 adjusts various sound settings. Do you prefer to take matters into your own hands? No problem, because in the default equalizer you can change the treble, midrange and bass at your own discretion. To do this, install the JBL One app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Long range audio drivers

With six powerful audio drivers, this speaker produces full sound. Two tweeters send flawless high notes into the room, while four racetrack drivers provide the other tones. Although this space-saving sound set does not have a wireless subwoofer, fortunately you can still hear clear bass. The housing has a built-in bass port on the back. As a result, high, medium and low levels are well represented. This is also evidenced by the specific frequency range: it extends from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. The result is a lively, detailed sound.

With a maximum output power of 260 watts, the Bar 300 easily fills a room with loud TV sounds. This audio product is ideal for small and medium sized rooms. Can you please turn up the bass a little? Then press the Bass button on the remote control and select the desired level.

Surrounded by the sound of TV

The big advantage is that the Bar 300 can handle Dolby Atmos audio. Many contemporary films, series and games contain such a modern soundtrack. Through MultiBeam technology, you can hear sound from different directions. A special feeling, because you enjoy all kinds of sound effects without the need for surround speakers. You are, as it were, surrounded by powerful television sound.

A well-known problem with some Dutch-language films and series is that it is sometimes difficult to follow the dialogue. For example, a character's voice may have been recorded at a very low volume. Thanks to the PureVoice function, these inconveniences are a thing of the past. This technology improves the clarity of sounds using the algorithm. Even when the production is poorly recorded, you can hear everyone on the TV screen perfectly.

Stream Spotify playlists

Many people have a subscription to Spotify or another online music service. Naturally, you want your favorite playlists and albums to play on the speaker. In addition to the sound of movies, series and games, the Bar 300 makes music sound beautiful, too. So, connect the audio system to your home network. This can be done in two ways, namely via WiFi or network cable. An added advantage is that the audio system receives software updates this way.

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All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the speaker. You can easily achieve this with the help of well-known connection protocols Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. To do this, use your iPhone or any Android device and open the Music app. Additionally, the Bar 300 can also handle Alexa Multi-Room music. This function is useful when you want to play music in multiple rooms. The Bar 300 will then work with other suitable sound systems upon your request. Is your speaker not connected to your home network? The case includes a Bluetooth adapter, so you can still stream audio from a mobile device.

In addition to connecting mobile devices wirelessly, you can also connect audio and video sources virtually. There is an additional HDMI port on the back. Connect a Blu-ray player or PlayStation 5, for example. An additional advantage is that the amplifier transmits the video signal to the TV without loss of quality. Of course, the audio system processes the audio track itself.

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