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Jean-Marie Pfaff: We received 150,000 francs and now everything is better |  European Football Championship 2020

Jean-Marie Pfaff: We received 150,000 francs and now everything is better | European Football Championship 2020

Much has been said and written about the Red Devils’ chances at the European Championship, but how does Jean-Marie Pfaff estimate the championship for the Belgians? The legendary goalkeeper preaches humility and at the same time says that our national team can compete at the top.

Jean-Marie Pfaff is an expert expert. In 1980, the now 67-year-old El Sympatico played the final of the European Championship, despite losing to Germany.

“It was an unexpected final for Belgium. We had good players, we were winners and we had a good mentality, with a good coach. Playing for the national team was an honour. To surprise the Belgian fans and give them fun, that’s all. We have to do.”

“With the resources we had at the time and the knowledge that we played for almost nothing financially, the European Championship final was a surprise. For the final we got 150 thousand francs (about 4000 euros, freed). He gave it to the fans, we had to pay for it. by ourselves “.

Top soccer players are now earning treasures. It does not bring out the eyes of Pfaff. “No, definitely not. If they pay that now, why don’t we consider him a footballer? Kevin De Bruyne is a great boy, and Eden Hazard is a good boy…”

“Times have changed. Players now put on headphones and talk on the phone to avoid an interview, but I don’t blame anyone. Everything is better than before. We used to be alone.”

For the European Championship final, we were given 150,000 francs (about 4,000 euros, editor). If we gave a shirt to the fans, we had to pay for it ourselves. Now everything has improved.

Jean Marie Pfaff

‘Belgium can handle everyone’

How does Jean-Marie Pfaff estimate Belgium’s chances in the European Championship? “I expect the team to be ready by the first match of the European Championship. There are some question marks, with De Bruyne, Hazard and Witsel, but we are ready for that.”

“Our first round is very easy. We will get a ticket to the 1/8 final without our best players. There is only one difficult match in the group stage and that is Denmark. Against Finland and Russia I don’t expect anything. Problems.”

“In the 1/8 finals, the players coming back from injury will be there and then Belgium can handle everyone. But it certainly won’t be easy, with big countries like France, Germany, England, Spain and Portugal… We will talk about the details.”

With Thibaut Courtois and Simon Mignolet, among others, Pfaff has more than worthy successors.

“We have the best guards. Are they better than me? Well, I won’t comment on that. They are doing their best, I have done my best.”

“I was lucky enough to play for Bayern Munich, but Thibaut Courtois and Simon Mignolet play or play for big clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool. They are doing very well. I am proud of our goalkeepers. I sympathize with them and stand behind them. With them.”

Jean-Marie Pfaff on the seventh day:

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