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Jerina and Harry from House Made Their Dream Home Next...

Jerina and Harry from House Made Their Dream Home Next…

Harry and Jerina: The crowdfunding money goes to their ultimate dream home. © vtm

Jerina and Harry from VTM localThey find their dream home in Kortrijk. They spent nearly €100,000 in crowdfunding on a spacious home with balconies from around 1900.

Harry Decamps (26) and Grena Malvett (29) from Kortrijk after the victory. local This affected quite a few TV viewers. Crowdfunding was immediately set up to help the sympathetic couple purchase the home they renovated in the program. However, after careful consideration, Jerina and Harry decided not to. It turned out that the house in which they put a lot of energy was a bit cramped for four people. The couple has two children and in order to look into the future, the building presented few opportunities for growth.

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Meanwhile, about 6000 people raised money and Harry and Jerena got bored of it. Also because quite a few hate messages have been posted on them on social media. The generous donors themselves continued not to be upset by the couple’s decision and were satisfied with the search for a home that would fully meet their needs. “There has to be enough space and it has to have charm. Then it doesn’t matter much whether something needs renovation or not,” said Gerina.

The two have now found this special home, they say latest news. It concerns a building in Veldstraat, in Sint-Janswijk in Kortrijk, for which they would have paid 245,000 euros. The house dates back to the early 1900s and offers less luxury than the house in Volksplein they live in local Renovated, but has three bedrooms instead of two. The crowdfunding campaign money will be spent on buying their dream home.

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