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Signal fixes a bug that allows users to see other people’s photos – Computer – News

Based on the suggestions, you configure the address yourself:
“Signal fixes a bug that allowed users to view other people’s photos”

The developers don’t confirm this in the way you suggest.

You can also choose a title like
Signal is fixing the bug that infected users تسبب Maybe Others’ photos are shown.

If you indicate that you’ve just adjusted the text if the news item is incorrect, then oddly enough, you haven’t modified this part:
Signal fixed a bug in the Android app that allowed some users to see photos assigned to other users.
This is not a fact, but a guess. Depending on what Tweakers users are referring to, you can set the text which may be pictures of others, or pictures of yourself, received from another user. This has not been confirmed by any developer, not even in commitment.

It may be helpful to take notes seriously rather than insisting on your point of view.

It simply isn’t clear at this point what exactly the problem is. So adjust the news item accordingly. That would be elegant and appropriate. There is now 1x “probably” in the article, somewhere in the middle. The majority of our readers have long realized that as a Signal user, you can see photos of other random Signal users.

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