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John de Mol after reporting on 'The Voice': 'I inadvertently created the impression of blaming women'

John de Mol after reporting on ‘The Voice’: ‘I inadvertently created the impression of blaming women’

John de Mol’s reaction to the BOOS ‘Voice’ scandal sparked a lot of indignation © BOOS

John de Mol – Producer Holland sound And a powerful media player in the Netherlands – he “completely unintentionally” gave the impression in an episode of BOOS that he “blames the women”. This was stated in a statement issued by the media mogul and creator of RTL’s talent search competition on Friday.

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De Mol says he was “stunned” by all the reactions to the broadcast about sexual offending behavior behind the scenes at Holland sound. He makes particular reference to the AD in AD, which was put up by women working for his company Talpa. The full-page ad text reads “Dear John, It’s Not the Women.”

“I didn’t really understand why women were outraged by my words rather than perpetrators of sexually abusive behaviour. This morning I was even more shocked by an advertisement in the newspaper,” writes de Mol, who says he immediately began speaking with a number of women in the company. “I mostly listened and now realize that, contrary to good intentions, I ignored the fact that I had inadvertently left the impression that I blamed the women.”

the man behind the sound He wrote that it became clear to him that women only report an incident if the culture in the company is safe.

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De Mol blames himself for the fact that the culture within his company is not safe and will commit himself “100 percent” to changing that. “I am open to learning more about this with the help of experts and to entering into a conversation about this internally. I hope this will also lead to a broader social discussion.” According to de Mol, that process began immediately in Talpa. He also accepted the invitation of Dutch Minister of State for Culture Jonai Oslo to discuss this matter.

The BOOS media mogul has stated, among other things, that there have been and enough “counters” in the ITV product and the sound For young women to report misconduct. And that he hopes the events will “set an example” and that victims “if it ever happens again” have learned to “ring the bell right away and report it right away.”