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VTM deletes 'Sergio Over De Grens' episode with Marco Borsato after allegations of abuse

VTM deletes ‘Sergio Over De Grens’ episode with Marco Borsato after allegations of abuse

Watch the relevant segment about Marco Borsato in the documentary “Voice of the Netherlands”:

Dutch investigative journalist Tim Hoffman caused quite a stir in the latest episode of his online show BOOSwhich was broadcast this afternoon. did a lot in it Alleged victims of sexual assault tell their stories.

All the women in question were said to have been harassed or abused by authority figures in Holland sound, including singer and jury member Marco Borsato. A complaint was also filed against him. Borsato is said to have touched the buttocks of two underage girls during a barbecue. The girls’ parents confirm this story.

“We understand that the recent coverage of Marco Borsato is causing a lot of noise,” VTM said. “It is now up to the court in the Netherlands to consider the question of guilt. As a family broadcaster, we find it important to seek serenity in this complex story. That is why we have chosen to hand over a file Sergio across the border The one in which Marco Borsato can be seen cannot be broadcast next week. The episode will be replaced on Tuesday 25 January by broadcasting with Axel Daeseleire.”

In addition to Borsato, the names of band leader Jeroen Rietbergen and rapper Ali B are also mentioned in the case. Holland Voice. ITV and RTL have currently removed the program from the tube, pending investigation.

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