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'John de Mol was aware of more than one case of abuse': New episode of 'Boos' criticized in 'The Voice of Holland' |  Television

‘John de Mol was aware of more than one case of abuse’: New episode of ‘Boos’ criticized in ‘The Voice of Holland’ | Television

TelevisionFour women are said to have reported sexually opposite behavior to The Voice of Holland in 2018. That’s what Tim Hoffman says on a new episode of Boos, after extensive research by the editors of the Youtube series. In a previous Boos episode, John de Mol spoke about one report in 2019.

The four reports will be about Jeroen Rittbergen, the band’s leader in The Voice and former son-in-law of John de Mol. Several sources had reported to Lindy DeYoung, creative director of the talent show, at the time. However, De Jong and John de Mol stated that they did not know about multiple violations. They informed the editors of “Boos” in a statement. Jeroen Rittbergen also mentioned in his statement “a number of people” with whom he had shown inappropriate behaviour.

Hoffmann was also given a tape of one of Jeroen Rietbergen’s victims. In it, a conversation can be heard between the victim and the person in charge of the production. “Because of these recordings, John’s story from our first broadcast is wobbly,” Hoffman says. In the recorded conversation between the two unknown persons, it could be heard that four women, including the female employees, had reported. Hoffmann argues that production management was thus aware of Rittbergen’s misconduct.

There have been stories for some time that De Mol must have known about the abuse before 2019. An interview with attorney Sebas Dijkstra appeared on this site helping a woman who worked on the show’s production. The woman is said to have reported sexually opposite behavior on The Voice of Holland in 2018.

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At the beginning of this year, Tim Hoffmann shook up the Dutch media world with his documentary Angry: This is the Voice. Heavy accusations were leveled against the makers of The Voice of Holland. Several coaches and employees have been accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour. Many of the alleged victims told their stories anonymously.


The effect was enormous. RTL has taken “The Voice of Holland” out of the tube, and coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato are still disappearing from the spotlight. Jeroen Rietbergen, brother of John de Mol’s ex-husband and music director of “The Voice”, was also charged. He admitted that he acted excessively. He submitted his resignation immediately and left for the United States. Linda de Mol and they broke up. At the end of April, the Public Prosecution Office announced that it would launch a criminal investigation against the four suspects (in addition to Ali B, Borsato, Ritterbergen, as well as Director Martin N.). It is still unknown whether someone should appear in court.

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