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Joris Vandenbroucke (Vooruit): "The Pro League proposal is skewed logic, high earners will still contribute less" |  football

Joris Vandenbroucke (Vooruit): “The Pro League proposal is skewed logic, high earners will still contribute less” | football

footballThe proposal of the Professional League, which has a plan to raise 25 million euros for social security, finds little support from the government. “The biggest benefits continue to come with the highest wages,” says Joris Vandenbroek, MP from Forot.

The outline of the Pro League proposal looked like this: doubling the salary cap for social security contributions, from 28 thousand euros to 60 thousand euros per year. Additional tax on wage brackets is higher than this ceiling. This amount must be supplemented by a portion of the European Club Prize money.

The Pro League wants to raise 25 million euros. “But this is their proposal. That is why the policy does not support it. The government has decided to get an additional 30 million euros in social security contributions from sport. But the intention is to keep smaller sports,” says Forweet Member of Parliament, Joris Vandenbroek.

So 25 million wouldn’t be enough, he says. “This suggestion is not enough.” Just like doubling up on the roof hits a cold shoulder. “In the Pro League proposal, a football player who earns 1 million euros annually would pay the same amount of social security contributions as a footballer who earns 60,000 euros. Basically you are left with the same problem. In relative terms, higher-income earners would still contribute less. This is corrupt logic.”

Social Affairs Minister Frank Vandenbroek (also Vorwett) announced earlier this month that, in his regard, the highest wages should pay the full amount. Vandenbroek agrees: “We want to move toward a socially just system.”

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