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Live broadcast: Cercle Brugge approaches next round after 3-0 by Cassert |  Croque Cup 2021/2022

Live broadcast: Cercle Brugge approaches next round after 3-0 by Cassert | Croque Cup 2021/2022

Tonight Cercle Brugge will host KVK Tienen, a first-class amateur club. Can visitors present a surprise at Jan Bridel Stadium? You will discover it directly on this page.


  • 33′ Denki 1-0
  • 42′ Matondo 2-0
  • 63′ Cassaert 3-0
  1. Second half, 74th minute. A 4-0 goal is more likely to be in the air than a savior for Tenin. Deman now wants to reach out to a teammate, but Millan and Hotic get in each other’s way. & nbsp; .
  2. Second half, 69th minute. Loris tries to force something for Tenen. He also dashes well, but his attempt at goal crosses the line. & nbsp; .
  3. Second half, 68th minute.
  4. The second half, the 66th minute. Circle’s hunger has not subsided yet. They’re looking for a new target, but Hottich’s fuss has been dented by Bouziane. & nbsp; .
  5. The second half, the 64th minute. A goal! 3-0 Cassaert. There is goal number 3 for Cercle. The League got a corner, which replaced Cassaert with the head. Victory is now really at hand for the home team. & nbsp; .
  6. The second half, the 61st minute. Deman can put his head in a cross. Bouziane is alert and can defuse the danger. .
  7. Second half, 57th minute.
  8. The second half, the 49th minute. Tienen is trying to throw something back. Spinhoven dares the long shot. Warleson has quite a few issues with it. & nbsp; .
  9. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
  10. The second half, the 44th minute. The beginning of the second half. We play football again in Bruges. Can Tienen make a fist in the second half? Mputu will replace Osei-Berkoe in Tienen. & nbsp; .
  11. Rest, 8:49 p.m. Rest. Ref Vermeiren finishes the first half. Dominant Cercle Brugge immediately dominated the match. Dinke and Matondo scored before the end of the first half. No problem in the first half at Cercle Brugge. & nbsp; .
  12. The first half, the 47th minute, the game is over
  13. First half, minute 40.
  14. First half, minute 40. Goal! 2-0 Matondo. Shortly before the end of the first half, Cercle Brugge took the lead twice. Matondo makes it 2-0 with a shot flying over the corner. & nbsp; .
  15. First half, minute 39. Goalkeeper Warleson has not had to do any work yet. He wants to warm up and comes for a free kick. And so Loris gets a chance to shoot, but the ball doesn’t end between the crossbars. .
  16. First half, minute 36. The second yellow card of this match is also true. Utkus enters into Vermeiren’s reference handbook. & nbsp; .
  17. First half, minute 32.
  18. First half, minute 30. Goal! 1-0 Thinky. Then there’s Circle’s opening goal. Utkus brings the ball to the front and Dinke can beat goalkeeper Bouziane there. The lead is more than it deserves, although the level of play is low. & nbsp; .
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