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“Jost Klein should win the Eurovision Song Contest.”  If necessary, with some fuss

“Jost Klein should win the Eurovision Song Contest.” If necessary, with some fuss

“The Eurovision Song Contest is the only thing that seems to excite our European sensibilities,” he writes talentReporter Stijn Tormans. “This festival is a bit of Europe in miniature, with all the trimmings.”

I'm old enough to remember the days of Nederland-Gedsland. The Dutch were better at everything: they could play better football, referee better, and make better television programmes. They couldn't make films – can anyone name twenty great Dutch films?

The days of the Dutch Guidance are long gone, although our northern neighbors still experience the occasional flare-up: Urubaba By Joost Klein The Dutch participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is impressive. And the clip is better.

Things are going surprisingly well for the man from Leeuwarden: a few years ago he shared the stage with Walter Gruters, and now he's alone on Europe's biggest stage in Malmö. Only a few curmudgeons wondered if he was allowed to park there. in Urubaba It will contain a political message – Long Live Europe – and this is prohibited at the festival.

It will be funny later: if Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest and Benjamin Netanyahu manages to organize it next year.

This is of course too crazy for words. The entire Eurovision Song Contest is a big political statement for the whole of Europe, and perhaps the only statement that really resonates. All other attempts to arouse our European feelings have failed miserably. I don't know anyone who can sing the official European anthem, it doesn't even contain official words.

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Or who knows what European holiday it is. I had to look it up myself: May 9, a day of peace and unity. Coincidentally it is also the day of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Snooze points

I don't know yet whether I will raise the European flag on May 9th. Although I am also glad that I can go to Paris or Vienna on this wonderful continent without a visa. “Welcome to Europe, stay here until I die.” My vote is already set: Diving points, twelve points for the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Ghost Klein may not win. By those stupid Eastern Europeans, who will never understand the song again. Or we cheat again on the record – we know them, and here comes our European feeling again. This festival is a bit of Europe in miniature, with all the trimmings. Croatia is number one among bookmakers today, with shocking stupidity Reem team tag dem. But Israel is moving forward. It will be funny later: if Israel actually wins and Benjamin Netanyahu manages to organize the festival next year. Although in this case we can of course also pretend that we did not notice it.

There is even a precedent. In 1978, Jordan broadcast the festival. A bunch of daffodils were displayed during the entry into Israel. When it became clear during the division of points that Israel would win the festival, the broadcast was suddenly interrupted for the sake of new daffodils. The next day, the Jordanian government announced that Belgium, which came in second place after Jean Vallee, was the winner. The message was never corrected. Until further notice, Jordan is the only country in the world that believes Belgium has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice.

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Maybe someone should take a bunch of daffodils to Malmö just to be on the safe side. And then we declare Joost Klein the real president of Europe. So, with a little tinkering: this is what we have Urubaba She was always good at it.