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Monica Lewinsky tekent tv-deal: “Ik weet hoe het is als je verhaal jarenlang gekaapt wordt”

Monica Lewinsky signs TV deal: ‘I know what it will be like when…

Foto: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

20th Television, a subsidiary of Disney, brought in Monica Lewinsky as its producer. The activist is currently working with the company on Impeachment, the third season of the American crime series.

“Throughout our collaboration, we were touched by Monica’s instincts as a producer, and her desire to breathe life into unspeakably provocative stories,” said the president of 20th Television, the television arm of 20th Century Studios, the former Fox company. “Monica is passionate about her work and we hope this agreement will lead to many successful projects with her.”

Lewinsky came to the fore in 1998 when her relationship with then-President Bill Clinton came to light. The case led to impeachment proceedings against Clinton. This is central to the third season of American Crime Story, an anthology series in which each season focuses on a different American scandal. Lewinsky is one of the producers of that series in which she played Penny Feldstein.

“I’ve known what hijacking your story has meant for years. So I’m very interested in telling stories from the perspective of people who have historically had no voice. I want to develop projects that are entertaining and make viewers think and feel,” Lewinsky said in a statement Monday.

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