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Judge puts an end to Trump’s gag order — for now

Judge puts an end to Trump’s gag order — for now

Just a few days ago, a federal judge upheld a gag order. This was imposed on him by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is responsible for the trial in which Trump is being tried due to his alleged attempts to overturn his electoral defeat against current President Joe Biden.

The trial is scheduled to begin on March 4 in Washington. In October, Chutkan Trump imposed a series of restrictions — so-called gag orders — on public statements about judges, court staff and witnesses in the case.

Under the ban, Trump is not allowed to comment on the special prosecutor in his case, nor on the people who may be called to testify.

Judge Chutkan decided to issue the gag order because Trump regularly shares personal information about witnesses and potential defendants in the trial on his social media. This can lead to intimidation and can also damage the credibility of jury participants at trial. Trump also called special counsel Jack Smith a “deranged lunatic” and a “hitch”, among other things.

In each of the four criminal cases against him, Trump made disparaging comments about prosecutors. He also criticized the New York State Attorney General who wants to stand trial for fraud. He has already been fined for violating another gag order.

Trump’s lawyers appealed the gag order before the federal appeals court in Washington. This led to Chutkan’s decision being temporarily suspended on Friday. The court does this pending a final ruling. The hearing is scheduled for November 20.