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US Army Throws A Right-Wing Soldier With Hitler's Mustache

US Army Throws A Right-Wing Soldier With Hitler’s Mustache

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The US military has fired a 31-year-old man. The far-right man, who has already appeared in action several times with a Hitler mustache, has an unenviable first: He is the first soldier to be fired for participating in the storming of the Capitol in January. that reports Washington Post.

Timothy Hale Kozanelli, 31, was a part-time sergeant in the United States Army. In May, he was demoted to soldier – the lowest rank in the army – and fired after a month from serving in the army for 12 years.

His resignation was prompted by the fact that on January 6 he was part of the angry crowd of Trump supporters who made their way to the Capitol in Washington to prevent Joe Biden from voting as the new president of the United States. Federal authorities suspect that he illegally entered the Capitol, and that he used hand and arm gestures to push the attackers forward and assault police officers.

In the investigation of the man, the police questioned 44 of his colleagues, and they painted a picture of “a man with extremist or extremist views towards Jews, minorities and women,” according to the prosecution. For example, he came to work several times with Hitler’s mustache.

Hill-Cozanelli is the first person to be expelled from the military after storming the Capitol. According to his lawyer, the dismissal is “unlawful” because his client has not yet been formally charged. He also said Hill-Kusanelli would appeal his resignation. The army refused to respond. It was learned that five other soldiers will be tried in the case Washington Post.

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