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Judge rules: Prince Harry will no longer have police protection in Great Britain |  Property

Judge rules: Prince Harry will no longer have police protection in Great Britain | Property

PropertyBritain's Prince Harry will no longer receive police protection when he visits Great Britain. The Supreme Court decided so. When Harry chose not to be a “working royal” in 2020, he lost that automatic right, according to the government. The prince appealed this decision, but the judge has now ruled against him.

When Harry and Meghan decided to immigrate to the United States three years ago, they stopped performing their royal duties. As a result, they lost their automatic police security, which was funded by British taxpayers. Home Secretary Norman Baker said at the time: “We should not be paying for the security of Andrew, Harry or any other member of the Royal Family who is not carrying out their public duties.” Since then, Prince Harry has filed several lawsuits against the Home Office. At the very least, he demanded security during his visits to the UK. The prince said it was unsafe for him and his family to visit his homeland without police protection.

Earlier, the High Court in London heard from Harry's lawyers that the prince was “subjected to unfair treatment” when his security detail was reduced. They claimed that the Home Office had not communicated sufficiently transparently about the decision and the usual risk analysis had not been carried out.

The ministry said Harry received “tailored” treatment tailored to the unique circumstances. Furthermore, Harry can still rely on the necessary security when he visits his home country, as previously stated. However, his level will be tailored to the expected risks, as is the case with other high-level visitors. Now that Harry is no longer a “working member” of the royal family and spends most of his time abroad, his position has “changed fundamentally,” according to ministry lawyers. “In those circumstances, security is not provided on the same basis as before.” The judge has now decided that the Home Office was right.

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